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Compromising Positions


“Another dull, boring, scientific (did I say boring?) mission. Watching Carter collecting samples for the umpteenth time was getting way too old. Deciding to take a break to empty his extremely full bladder, Jack left Carter to her work in search of just the right tree. Finding one nearby a small lake, Jack unzipped his fly and took target practice.

He heard footsteps but he was in no position to stop at this point. As the steps got closer, he heard Teal'c arguing with someone. "DanielJackson, there are no fish in the pond! "

"Yeah, yeah, I know that Teal'c but we could keep Jack busy for hours while we….Oh, hi, Jack!" Daniel addressed his CO with a devilish grin. "What'cha doing?"

"Daniel, you know damn well what I'm doing, now go away!" Jack growled.

Looking up from the constant stream assailing the tree, Daniel spoke, "Impressive! Oh, hi Sam. Finished with the samples?"

"Very funny, Daniel!" Jack turned slightly to see where Daniel was looking, his now dwindling fountain following as well. As he noticed the regulation boots at the base of his stream, he stopped, finally out of ammunition.

"Oh, shit, Carter!"

"Thank god, no! That would really be difficult to clean off the boots," Sam shot Daniel a sly grin.

Zipping up, Jack turned away from his 2IC, red-faced but recovering in the typical O'Neill style. "Okay, who's next? It's all your'n now."

Teal'c had the last word for once, unzipping his fly, "Well, I can top that O'Neill."

The End

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