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This section allows you to create original, round-robin style stories on-line. Click a link above to go to your desired story-type. Use the "Submit the next chapter" link at the top of each story page to add your chapter in the ever unfolding tale.

Almost anything goes, but please, follow the story line and adhere to the type and rating. Keep profanity to a minimum -- don't use any words that Colonel, uh, General O'Neill himself wouldn't say (which leaves it quite open actually).

  The Rules:
  • Let's have fun!
  • No major character death. And yes, Jonas is a major character.
  • If it is classified as GEN rated PG, it means GEN rated PG. No sex, no slash, no ship.
  • Likewise, if it says SLASH, don't be surprised to find SLASH themes in the story line (duh).
  • I'll add more rules as they come to me...
 The normal disclaimer stuff:
TheOneRing, as site owner and archivist, has every right to delete a chapter that is inappropriate, rude to other authors, off-topic or otherwise in poor taste. TheOneRing may also prevent future additions of chapters by anyone found to be abusing this archive. Oh, and this site is not for profit, MGM owns everything except for original characters and story lines.